Banishree Scholarship

Banishree Scholarship, it is one of the schemes that the Odisha government has launched for special needs children. Through the scheme, the government is offering scholarships to those children and help them in their education.

Concerning the above information, this article will discuss all about this scheme. It will provide complete information about the scheme, including its benefits, features, application procedure, documents required, other details, etc. So, if one is interested to know more, read the article carefully.

Banishree Scholarship Scheme 2021- About

For promoting education amidst special needs children or children with disabilities, the Odisha government has launched this scholarship. Through this, financial incentives are offered to the students for financing their education. The major aim of the scheme is to motivate the students for achieving their dreams by completing their educational requirements. The scheme came into effect in 2008, April 1st and any student pursuing professional or technical or vocational training can benefit under the scheme. 

Banishree Scholarship- Objectives

The main objective is to motivate the special needs students to get their education. Financial assistance is provided here so that the children, they can all pursue their education without feeling to have any financial burden. Through this scholarship, the students can earn their living and with the small amount of INR 100- INR 250 per month; students can remain encouraged for studying further.

Banishree Scholarship- Key Highlights

  • The name of the Odisha government launched scholarship is Banishree Scholarship.
  • The beneficiaries herein are the special needs students.
  • The major objective of this scholarship is to motivate the students for getting an education.
  • The scheme was launched in 2021, and the applicants can either apply to this scholarship online or offline.

Banishree Scholarship- Beneficiaries 

  • Class 1st- 5th standard students continuing their primary education.
  • Students pursuing high school or middle school.
  • Class 6th-10th middle and high schools that are not covered under the scholarship of the Government of India.
  • Colleges and universities that are not covered under the scholarship of the Government of India.
  • Students studying in a special school registered under the PWD act 1995 are not covered under the scholarship of the Government of India.
  • Students pursuing their distance education through government institutes and recognized universities.
  • Students pursuing technical or professional, or vocational education through the institutes that are recognized.

Banishree Scholarship- Financial Assistance

  • Primary classes- INR 100 per month
  • Middle and High School- INR 140 per month
  • Undergraduate Colleges- INR 160 per month
  • Postgraduate Colleges- INR 190 per month
  • Technical and Vocational Training- INR 190 per month
  • Students pursuing normal study courses or technical/vocational/professional education or training available outside Odisha- INR 250 per month.

Banishree Scholarship- Reader’s and Transport Allowance

  • Primary classes- INR 100 per month
  • Middle and High School- INR 150 per month
  • Other studies- INR 200 per month

Note- The scholarships said above will be provided when it has been certified by the institution head that the candidate is employed as the reader during the study period.

  • Orthopedically handicapped students with 75% or more disability- INR 100 per month as transport allowance.

Banishree Scholarship- Important Instructions

  • If the institution is changed, the scholarship will be continued.
  • For any dispute regarding the scholarship, students need to file grievances in front of the collector.
  • Decision by the collector is final in disputes.
  • Scholarship guidelines can be amended without any government notice in the women and the child development department.
  • An income certificate is not required if the student is from a BPL family.
  • The scholarship amount is deposited in the beneficiary account directly.
  • If the student is availing and state or central government provided similar scholarship benefit, they are not eligible.

Banishree Scholarship- Sanctioning Authority

  • The block development officer has been given the responsibility of sanctioning scholarship if the educational institution or the school (till high school) is located in rural areas.
  • If the institution is in an urban area, the responsibility of sanctioning scholarship is of sub-collector.
  • The educational institution must verify the application considering the records available and then recommend sanctioning to the sub-collector or the BDO.
  • After the application receipt, the sub-collector/BDO, they will sanction the scholarship in consideration to NAC/rural areas or the municipality.
  • With scholarship sanctioning Sub-collector/BDO, they convey funds requirement by 31st August to collector/DSWO.
  • After the scholarship amount is sanctioned, the BDO/collector/institution head should check if the kid has a 0-balance account (if the child is above 18 years) or get a joint account with the candidate mother/father’s name.
  • District social welfare officers should then, by 15th September, submit the requirement to the state government.
  • Next, the state government will be releasing the first allotment amount to the BDO/Sub-collector by September end and the second allotment (balance funds) by January end.

Banishree Scholarship- Mode of Payment

  • The amount received from the state government, it will be deposited to the student’s bank account by BDO/Sub-collector.
  • The benefit will get deposited in instalments after the Institute head has done the attendance verification.
  • After the scholarship amount gets disbursed in the student’s account, the utilization certificate gets furnished by the BDO/Sub-collector to the district social welfare officer.
  • The district social welfare officer, they will submit a utilization certificate to the state government.
  • The scholarship amount will get paid from the student’s admission month to the end of the academic year. It includes examination month.
  • If the student remains absent (3 months or more) because of medical reasons, the scholarship amount will get paid in full.

Banishree Scholarship- Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of Odisha.
  • Annual family income should not be greater than INR 60,000 per annum.
  • Regular student of the recognized institution.
  • Applicant must be the regular student of the recognized institution.
  • Applicant should not already receive the financial assistance/scholarship/stipend from the end of state/central government scheme.
  • Whether the applicant passed their exams or not, they have enrolled for a scholarship and are attending the institution regularly; they will get the benefits.

Documents Required

  • Medical board issued Disability certificate.
  • Revenue officer issued Income certificate- Officer should not be below the tehsildar rank or the officer of the equivalent status.
  • Duly attested by a gazetted officer of institution head, marksheet of the last examination passed.
  • Students belonging to the BPL category are not required to submit an Income certificate.

Banishree Scholarship- Offline Application

  • Visit the sub-collector/BDO office or School/college/educational institution head office and collect the application form.
  • Ensure to fill in the form with correct details, including mobile number, applicant name, etc. and attach the required documents.
  • Once done, submit the form to the place of collecting it to apply for the scholarship.

Online Procedure for Application

  • Visit the official portal of social security and empowerment of persons with disability department, Odisha government.
  • From the home page, click on the option Banishree scholarship.
  • Then select the new application and click on proceed.
  • An application form will appear, wherein provide the year, gender, name, DOB, social category, citizenship status and other details as asked.
  • Then upload the required documents as asked and click on the option submit.
  • Take a printout of the application for future reference.

Principal/Institution Head Recommended Application

  • Visit the official portal of social security and empowerment of persons with disability department, Odisha government.
  • From the home page, click on the option Banishree scholarship.
  • Then select recommended application from the principal/head of the institution and click on the option proceed.
  • A new page will appear. Therein enter the application number and click on search.
  • An application form will be provided on screen. Fill it up correctly and then upload the necessary documents.
  • Once done, click on submit to apply.

Contact Details

Hope the above article provided all the information about Banishree Scholarship. However, if one still has any concerns, connect with the relevant authorities through the below-mentioned details.

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